Association P.A.V.E.L. (Primind Ajutor, Viata  Este Luminoasã) is the association of parents with children suffering of cancer, leukaemia and grave anaemia and it  is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-politically affiliated organisation,  registered on 10 May 1996, Romania.
P.A.V.E.L. association is member of: ICCCPO, UICC, ECPC, IAPO, EUROCHILD aisbl and associate member of SIOPE.

The aim of the organization 

The Association P.A.V.E.L. aims to educate, to offer moral, psychological, informative, material and legal help and to advocate for families of the ill children and youngsters, survivors and health professionals from over the country.


Children with cancer, leukemia or grave anemia
Families of children with cancer, leukemia or grave anemia
The people who survive after a childhood cancer
Specialists from onco – pediatrics
Public and private institutions, related to the cancer field, care, education or rights for people with cancer


1.Diversification of the resources for parents, professionals, organizations and public, on the issue of children cancer and facility of a good communication
2.Increase of the information and awareness level of parents, professionals and public in Romania on the prevention, treatment and services available in the field of children cancer.
3.Reinforcement of the public-private institutional framework and sensitizing of the professionals, authorities and public, in order to observe and promote the rights of the child with cancer.
4.Increasing the access for the ill children at an adequate treatment and according to the most updated.
5.Supporting for the families with financial problems, in having care for their ill child.
6.Early diagnosing of the cancer, at the ill child and decreasing of the number of children, diagnosed with advanced forms of cancer.


1. Site of the week: Romanian Association of Parents with Cancer and Leukemia Ill Children http://www.asociatiapavel.home.ro  

2. International Projects Competition "My Child Matters" (funded by Sanofi Aventis and UICC): Association P.A.V.E.L. won with its project 'Building the Future for the Children of Romania'. In its framework, it was open in 2007 the Resources and Services Center P.A.V.E.L. (at room 116, Oncologic Institute 'Prof. Dr. Alex. Trestioreanu'), a partnership between Association P.A.V.E.L. and the Oncologic Institute of Bucharest.
This Center is the first and the single one of this kind in Romania and was created as support for children and young people with cancer and their families. It was also open the first and the single Cancer Helpine for people with cancer (funded by ROMTELECOM).

3.  On 23 September 2007, our old website: www.asociatiapavel.home.ro, won the second price at Cancer on Internet Award and Mention of Honour, awarded by the ESO Cancer on the Internet Observatory, during the Patient Forum from ECCO 14, Barcelona, Spain.

4. On 4 December 2008, Association P.A.V.E.L. won the Award for the most involved patients' organization in Romania' ('Premiul pentru cea mai implicatã asociatie de pacienti') at Gala SãnãtateaTV:
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